20200603 Department of nefarious activities “Pay to play”

They say …. “To err is to be human, but if you really want to fukk things up, ..you need a computer“.

This is largely true, and by businesses that would include political parties, Governments, and spy rings.

I have been posting George Webbs stuff for a while now, not really knowing what he is about, or whether he has researched his subject well enough to be a reliable source. He asked some interesting questions, that is all. That has changed now… events have occurred.

Here is a sampler… An Accidental Journalist and His Historic Crowd-Sourced Investigation


“In what has ostensibly become the largest crowd-sourced investigation in history, accidental journalist George Webb is leading the charge in an ongoing project that ties together the people, places and events of endemic corruption across federal, state and local agencies in his 4-month-old YouTube investigative series.”

AND … that article was written back in 2017… the clock has still been running since then, and the Web report material is now of mountainous proportions. Cross checked, verified, assessed, catalogued by chapter and by alphabetic order.

It’s a brutal assessment of what’s been going on. Just listen to this chapter. “Pay to play” nefarious projects and activities.

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