20200614 Preying Medic update

USA right wing Q anon perspective.

As said on previous occasions, I am not an outright supporter of the Q Anon movement, I like to look at things from all sides. In fact, until recently I was a paid up member of the left wing UK Labour Party. However, I resigned from the Labour Party as it became too clear it is utterly compromised by at least one corrupt foreign power. It does not represent the working class people of the UK anymore. One would have to be seriously unaware not to realize that Q anon represents the position of the USA military and USA leadership. Most if not all the narrative since 2017 has been relevant and often very accurate.. I saw the first post just before the Las Vegas mass shooting incident, where the original commentators of the Q anon movement predicted the event. I took note of the source immediately, and kept a monitor on the sources since. The Q movement is a highly relevant factor in 21st century politics on a global scale. It’s message is generally Christian and positive.

This interview gives a clear perspective where things are at regarding the position of the Q Anons.

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