20200725 I went shopping today at my local retail park.

What a shocking experience it was. Sure it raining, but I cannot think of a more depressing shopping experience.

I no longer have a car, so I had to get there by bus, the 99 “wave”. That was a friendly and prompt service both ways and I waited no longer the a few minutes. Thank you to the Google Map facility that advised of bus times and stops.

I just needed to buy a few things from a hardware store, and a gap in the bus times allowed me to get a KFC as I hadn’t eaten all day. As it was raining, and I had shopping with me, I used the “eat in” facility. No hot drinks though as they were out of service, very common for some reason, so had to settle for a glass of tap water.

The whole business with the compulsory masks and “big brother control” overshadowed the experience of the day. The staff in the shops were friendly, but they are not the problem. Big Government is the problem. Boris and his buddies, who are running the big pharma scam called Covid19, are ruining everyone’s lives with their get rich scheme.

You can put a fork in retail shopping, it’s done. It’s no longer a fun thing to do even if you do have money to spend. Best just stay at home and order online. So where does that leave us? The business outlook looks bad, that’s for sure, and that is a huge understatement in fact.

Back in the 1990’s it was abundantly obvious to many that the wayward global economy was headed for a crash big time. Bigger then the 1930’s depression. It’s was startling obvious as the interest payments on the fiat money system were growing exponentially, as the system is designed, and it stared one in the face that a total breakdown was bound to happen sooner or later. Cracks were showing already. The system is designed to fail with a 100% certainty. “The warning” came from Brooksly Born in 1998, the great sweeping of the dirt under the carpet came in 2008, along with a big payoffs for the banks, and now the financial tsunami will finally be with us. Corona virus will be the attempt as a the scape goat, the excuse of why all the bad things happened, but it was no accident. It was deliberately stage managed to occur, and just like 911, the media was all prepped up with what to say and do.

Here is a good video

Here is a little note we should be focused on…

Have a look here to see a visualization of “Trillions” and compare them to everything else. You need to scroll down quite a bit on the link below to see our full exposure to those opaque untrackable derivatives.


You need tracking but the $Trillion dollar derivatives don’t. Unlike you, they cannot blow up the planet. … seemingly…

When things go wrong, remember it will be your fault. You didn’t wash your hands enough, or you touched your face with you hands thus ending life on this planet as we know it.

It’s will either be your fault or, …. worse still, they will blame me. It’s set up though. We have already fallen into the trap.

It’s an old trick.

Just remember what to say when all this has been and gone.

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