20200909 Is the subject of vaccines taboo for some reason?


I think it’s important to clearly see the Covid19 infection facts as has been officially produced. In perspective, accurate data or dubious.

The planet was shut down in this outbreak so it’s important to know why. That in itself is an incredible but true undeniable fact. Why? I would say that is vital and required information so an appropriate assessment can be made.

The private citizen needs to know whether their respective government can be trusted or not. The phrase “private citizen” is no longer appropriate these days. It is a new situation. The heavily surveilled 24/7 world citizen has every reason & right to be suspicious as we are all now treated as suspects and criminals, and we are expected to treat this as acceptable and “normal”.

It’s not normal. The purpose of government is to serve it’s citizens not treat them as suspects from the outset. It’s high time for the boot to be put on the other foot.

Frankly I am not sure it’s safe for the worlds media to be totally owned and influenced by such a narrow private interest as is currently the case.

There is clear evidence, published in the worlds media, that the numbers were overestimated right since the outset of the Covid19 event, and that a scam has indeed been planned and put in place. Or if the word “scam” is seen as inappropriate we could call it a “media promotional event“. In any case the rehearsal event, that is indeed the new normal in todays heavily censored & manipulated surveillance state is undeniable. Or is anyone going to offer a counter argument to that point? Check event 201.


A side note for me would be “consensus” in science (these days) has to be seen in the same light as data produced by a 1990’s Columbian Drug Cartel whether illegal drug trafficking was in evidence at the home state. Data produced from well funded media campaign needs careful evaluation, and reports from senior figures reviewed from the prospective that data could have been compromised. Censored views from suitable qualified and experienced professionals raise very large bright red flags of concern and suspicion that warrant deeper analysis and review imho.

So, once again, to the facts my friends…


0.057% (2020) INSTEAD OF 0.011% (2018)

57 PER 100,000

10.85 PER 100,000



Here is my perspective


A bit more about the source. I have a science degree. Looks good to me.

Here is my overview of all the data to date. Just look at that darling child, and such a loving and happy parent ! Are the data drownings deliberate or accidental? … or is it just “incompetence” yet again in the light of such wonderful prepared exercises as Event 201 ??

Are we even allowed to talk about vaccines or is that taboo for some reason??

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