20200916 The Clown show continues.


<<<Dr. Fauci is now warning that Americans need to ‘hunker down’ for the fall and winter>>>

Yes. It’s coming up to the normal flu and cold season when we do get the normal Corona virus that we have had every year for the last 50 or so years (and other viruses)

All it will take is the first kid to sneeze in school and the CLOWN below will issue a National Emergency and lock down the country.

Steve Piezenic, who is Jewish, … often the best source of information on such matters and who has an extensive CV working for the USA government in various capacities, says Boris is a Mossad agent. I would add the supposed “Opposition” leader Starmer comes from the same caste, or if he isn’t , he plays a very good role of acting like a Mossad Agent. They are all over the country, and the main reason why I left the Labour Party. Just my observation imho. Ghislaine’s Dad, Ghislaine and Epstein describe a situation, that needs a lot of explaining. 

Here is S.P. just on Boris. He has some good videos on Ghislaine, and Epstein too. 

Looks like a plot not only to destroy our country, but a plot to destroy the world too, well for the human race should I say. 

Things haven’t changed much since the beginning of the year, except we now have more evidence that tells us the story as it is. University of Glasgow mentioned here.

The German doctors uncovering this scam are doing a great job. 5 stars.

The normal flue season, Corona viruses have always been a component. See “CoV” below.

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