20201001 The Covid19 pandemic latest.

Utterly monstrous. Throw these politician B*st*rds in jail. Chuck away the key. No visitors either.

Many care home residents have not seen their families since in March.”the UK went into lockdown


Meanwhile… back in reality land…. for those face mask fascists looking in…

Hello? anyone there?? wtfu.

This is real science here, as opposed the propaganda lies printed in the press that would make even Josef Goebbels swoon with admiration.



The special code words are “Base12” and “Vitamin D” in case you have not figured things out yet.

We are looking at a sub class variant of influenza here. It’s not rocket science.

What is very revealing and a damning piece of evidence in whats going on is that all this work has to be done in personal time and with personal finances. The speaker mentions this issue. Your professional reputation is at risk if you try and use the normal facilities to investigate a real obvious problem that needs solving. So with practically zero funds at all, some individuals have done some really amazing research into what is going on.

Meanwhile the state gets unlimited funds to investigate things and comes up with utter bullchit. Go figure. It’s about normal I suppose from that perspective.









Something is wrong

Stay Sceptical. Control the Hysteria. Save Lives.


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