20201014 Whats the real difference between theory and practice?

For a good number of years I was an engineer in the silicon chip “game”. All professions are “games” even the modest ones like cleaners and customer services in call centers.

The “prima dona’s” of today are of course the cleaners, thanks to Covid19 and world government, NWO, the Bilderbergers, Bill Gates, and suchlike they have been boosted to the premier league. Just like any top notch game there a rules, professional fouls, managers, coaches, and big money for anyone who wants to make a stash.

That’s not my game though… cleaning as a profession. The humble call center and a customer services role is where I add a few pennies to my pension, and that might be a completed task before long.

No, I used to be a silicon chip engineer, and ones life was always beset with real problems concerning the manufacture of said items. Theory and practice were part of every day reality. One was given problems… challenges… to go fix and one would develop a theory, or a model, of what was happening in ones mind. From the theory one would seek solutions and then to test the solutions to see if they reflected reality… i.e. see if the problem(s) went away. If one got it right, a big boost would be given to ones income and position within the game… er … business. On several occasions I received bonuses and boosts to my income several times my current annual salary. One several occasions those boosts were well deserved, at other times I was just lucky. I was in the right place at the right time, and just gave something a final winning nudge. All these things are team efforts of course. The team effort thing is rarely recognised in financial terms, and that is especially apparent to day when one looks at income distribution. It’s winner takes all usually.

But lets get back to my engineering mindset. I have a theory about Covid19, it very simple and can be understood by most people. Its all a load of political B/S. An “emperor has new clothes” situation where in fact we are just dealing with a sub component of common influenza called a “Corona Virus”. That has been about with us for 50 years at least. It been well studied even before the ballyhoo was sounded in January 2020 *.

I now know of three people, not my close circle of people I frequently speak to, but people whom I know and who have relatives, that have been severely effected with the Corona virus. A “bad” infection for the Covid19 is devastating and life changing. How does that fit in with my “model”? hmmm.

The important aspect of any scientific endeavour is that you realize that all models are imperfect. Science is an imperfect science !. Even Newtons theories are imperfect … it took several hundred years to find some minor flaw, and the flaw is indeed minor to date, but the theory meets the practice in many situations today, 911 building 7 (and the twin towers too) excepting. Odd one that. Oh and Einsteins theory of relativity, that predicted a few minor exceptions to Newtons theory, and in that case Einstein’s work was found to be true **.

** https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/26408/what-did-general-relativity-clarify-about-mercury

So I have cast about to see where the flaws of my Corona Virus theory have lead me. One knows it’s incorrect to a degree. Are my errors in the “Corona virus theory” of the nature of Newton or of Samuel Shenton ? Now one might be disappointed. crestfallen even, frustrated, angry, ….whatever… in finding ones pet theory not to be true, but one at least has to be intrigued. If ones income is as stake, the professional patience and dedication kicks in … being angry, frustrated, disappointed, crestfallen, …whatever… is not what you are paid to do . Better get back too it, or who knows where your next pay packet is coming from. ?

Where is my next pay packet coming from? Well this blog of course !!! It hasn’t earned me anything so far, not that I expected it to, in fact It’s an investment of mine. Time and money. Lots of time and just a little money.. Namecheap.. I have to plug my hosting site, they have done a great job so far. Us old ex manufacturing engineers just love low cost and efficiency !!

I read a fb post where someone asked question a relative of someone who had suffered badly because of Corona virus. “Had they ever received any flu shots in prior years”. Now that is a good question. I am also a student and admirer of the work of Dr Shiva. We have trillions of viruses in our bodies. Several hundred trillion, and a large number of bacteria too. It’s a matter of balance. The immune system is vital. So good rest, low stress in life, good diet, moderate exorcise, Vitamins D and C…. that to me is “best practice” and any professional should know what I mean by that. Lots of “worst practice on show today. If a virus is rampant, take vitamins D, C, take a little zinc, get good rest, lose the stress, exercise, eat a balanced diet … Where is the government department saying that? The government does not say that because they are not interested in any virus at all, they are interested in controlling you and nothing else. Worst possible practice indeed.

Back to the “theory”. Forget face masks imho. Really. I have worked in clean rooms where the air was kept clean of particles larger then one micron. A virus is much smaller then one micron btw. If a material (say a virus) smaller then one micron in size in introduced into a school classroom (for example) where all of the students wore face masks, they would all be inhaling the particles within minutes. No doubt about it. Fact. The student nearest the source of the particles introduced would be the first to inhale the particles, within seconds, and the students furthest away would be inhaling them a few minutes later at the longest.

Craig Murray had a nasty bout of ‘flu some years back. I have posted this link before.

Now Craig Murray was under a lot of stress at the time, not that he is under any stress at the moment, and maybe that was a factor in catching that bad version of the flu? Fact is “bad flu” has always been around, for some years at least, even if some unscrupulous person(s) administer it. It’s nothing new there, so why the hoopla this year ?

A friend made some comment that is worthy of note. He was debating the same very subject here, and naturally he took an opposing view to my own. He said that the Covid19 outbreak was a new pandemic, and our government(s) are just reacting to this new problem that has beset humanity. As best they can. This paragraph is already a damming statement and evidence that I am correct and my friend is wrong btw, and I will explain why. It is based on my 25+ years experience as a process engineer. If a sudden new problem occurs all the knowledgeable people in business take up opposing views. They are a number occasions where I went in to work on a Monday, or received and urgent phone call that some massive disaster had happened and my presence was required immediately and a 24/7 response needed. For example the yield on a particular product line had gone to zero, and very important customers were behind on their shipments, and even the cost of producing scrap material was costing millions of dollars a day to your company. that btw pays your wages. The nightmare scenario that indeed happens occasionally in real life and one has to deal with it. So indeed the opposing views start, and even if you are mad at, and personally dislike a number of members of the “team” the fact is your job and the circumstances dictate you act with a certain decorum and entertain the opposing views. A plan can then be developed to find out “whats what” and a fix put in place. No particular view is taken as sacrosanct and an open mind is kept until the real problem is uncovered and a solution developed. Sure, if it’s your idea that was correct in finding the solution kudo’s to you and you can bask in the limelight that such success in life brings. However, even if it’s not your idea, but such was your reputation, that many though you were right, and great expense and effort was put into determining that your idea was in fact entirely wrong, you almost have done just as good a job. The other guy (gal) had the right solution and you were wrong. The important fact is the problem got fixed, the company continues production and your wages are paid into the bank. Hey, you might even get an annual bonus after all !!! Such fond memories -g- . Usually I was scared chitless that the time to be fair.

So yes, when I see in the media and the press, that some new lethal virus is upon us and the same story is everywhere the same, and the science is all of the same view, I am naturally a little skeptical to say the least. When I see opposing views systematically supressed I am more or less convinced that some bad actors are in play. … probably at a senior level, as how else can such suppression take place?

I digress a little though. back to my friends view. He tried a thought experiment to try and entertain my view of the Corona Virus Debacle. A set up. If a government has deliberately set up a Corona Virus Debacle, and used it to introduce a draconian curtailment of citizens rights and freedoms, bringing in lockdowns, masks, and “social distancing” [I would call it “unsocial distancing”, as there is precious little “social” about it] they would immediately find they were competitively inefficient in business and market and the country would suffer. No argument there, one is talking to an ex production engineer. masks, “social distancing”, lockdowns are an unmitigated disaster to any single business never mind an entire country or planet “. Such a government would immediately desist, and therefore the “conspiracy theory” must be untrue !!! A good counter argument, one values ones friends in helping find the true state of matters.

However, I am still skeptical, for a number of reasons, one reason already stated. How the news was reported. Very similar to 911 and there is still that issue, a minor deviation from Newtons Laws of Motion, a small planet interfering with the harmonious motion around the sun . There is still that small fly in the soup, but who says that life is perfect?

Coincidences do occur in life, but they are rarely “natural”. They do naturally happen, but not that often. I just love statistics for that reason. Statistics can be abused, usually by those with an axe to grind, a stick to whittle, but they can be used to find the truth.

So why would a government deliberately introduce a disaster, and make sure it was a disaster to the detriment of all concerned. The citizens?

Answer. The very obvious answer. To develop a scape goat. I always did wonder (since 1995) what this was going to do..The UK debt.. . debt interest increases exponentially, and one day the game is simply up. We are at that day or very nearly at it…


See the source image

Unconvinced ? … OK check this site out.

If you check the links you will see that green arrow needs point even further upwards to be accurate.

So…. the financial disaster is all your fault … mine too… because we didn’t wear our mask properly… you get the idea. Yes? There ya go ! Trust an old hand how to deal with this. I have ways of chatting to upper management.

So there we are. I think we have found our little “yield problem”. We just need to devise a “fix” and we can all go back to work and get paid our usual wages… Hey maybe we will all get our bonus this year… just in time for Christmas !!!

Yea, that would be nice. A nice thought. BUT we have to devise a new monetary system though, and get it working. Not sure if the current set of billionaires and trillionaire hopefuls are on the team and signed up for the task yet. But hey… we have a start, we know what the problem is and what to go fix…

Upwards and onwards.


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