20201023 So, whats happening with the Bidens?

Praying medic details some of the background regarding the hushed up Biden stories.

Note (a) btw anyone who thinks the Q drops are just by some conspiracy laden whacko needs to have their heads examined. It’s info channeled out by USA security forces (true or false … take your pick), but the press reports in the main steam media deliberately misrepresent them . The one thing any miltary likes is being underestimated. They will be grinning from ear to ear with the results so far. If you look hard into the published material, the media accusations are almost entirely wrong in everything they say. If you are not understanding I suggest listen to P.M. previous post. He regularly mentions the same points.

However, back on queue, here is that BIDEN related video.


When it comes to communications, any communications, this lady is my guide. Cynthia McKinney. She knows what she is talking about, and encourages dialog between groups to help resolve problems. I will see if I can find the video where she emphasises this, but in the mean time, here is Cynthia questioning Bush senior. Therefore, it’s not a matter of how crazed you think the “Q” broadcastes are, they are a dialogue of sorts. Important infomation is stated and discussed, and this has been demonstated on a number occasions.

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