20201025 The Covids & Greta are BACK !

Dollar Vigilante explains.

It’s Greta !

and thanks to fb we have this…

So we also have the SUN entering a quiet phase, This means higher cosmic ray counts. If you have ever seen a cloud chamber in action you will realise this will increase cloud cover.

So cloud cover will increase and this might blanket the Earth in some way retaining heat, but overall it will increase the Earth’s Albedo and reflect more sunlight into outer space and result in global cooling. As explained earlier.

Scientists claim cosmic rays influence cloud cover, climate change


Danish researchers claim cosmic rays play an important role in encouraging cloud formation. In their latest study, they argue changes in cosmic ray concentration could explain climate variation. Photo by NOAA/UPI

A Spanner Wrench Stuck Between Cog Gear Wheels Stock Photo, Picture And  Royalty Free Image. Image 14267764.

So why is every government out there plus many global elites so intent in destroying the economy and ruin the lives of so many ordinary people? My guess is they know already what I have suggested here. The financial system we have is also designed to fail, and they have thrown a very large spanner (wrench) into the fine toothed mesh of the worlds financial system to ensure that the whole system will come crashing down.

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