20210131 Markets Will Correct Heavily – Alasdair Macleod

The havoc and stress caused by the eviction crisis in the USA is truly awful with Biden now backtracking on all his promises of financial relief.

The COVID-19 Eviction Crisis: an Estimated 30-40 Million People in America Are at Risk – The Aspen Institute

The press are wallowing in Covid19 Crisis porn to the maximum degree. This will cause a crisis just by itself.

Regarding that silver squeeze. A damp squib hopefully. I am still loading up.

and be mindful of the crash. Stocks & Shares go down. All of them.

And what about those stimulus cheques that were promised? Hmmmm.

20210130 Inflation Rhymes with the 1970’s

Keiser Report | Inflation Rhymes with the 1970s | E1651

Remember the “Uptick rule” or “Glass Steagal”. No ? I do. They existed once. For real.

We are are going 1970’s with a difference or two. The farmers in Kansas knew the story, they created the fairly tale actually, and knew who the wicked witch of the east was. A fairly tale was a great way to transmit knowledge, with out individuals being recognised and persecuted for spreading the truth, as “big money” would come after them., protecting their interests. As such private interests do.

Bill Gates has bought up a lot of USA farmland recently btw, just thought I would throw that tit bit out there.

Basically the 1970’s are back today imho, with a few differences.

The yellow brick road is ok, the silver shoes (forget hollywood stuff for the moment) is good, but lets not overdo the indoctrination and intervene with a little crypto art.


Some history and a little context.

William Jennings was against the gold standard as it allowed monied private interests to hoard the gold and keep the masses impoverished. Gold was effectively used as the medium for all trade. Britain imported cheap wheat from America to feed it’s industrial revolution and Empire. Thus those who had the ability to hoard gold held a stranglehold over the American farmer. Jennings supported “bimetallism” where silver was also used to back the “hard currency” of the day. Hence, in the fairly tale, Dorothy had silver shoes creating flexibility and allow the masses to trade more easily and make them less dependent on the gold hoarders.

American Rhetoric: William Jennings Bryan – A Cross of Gold

And lets finish on some visuals. Careful of those dinos ! They have big sharp teeth, and deadly saliva. It’s like playing with oversized Komodo dragons . Note the cautionary comment in this post. GME is whats known in military terms a “come on” in all probability. GS = Goldman Sachs of Greece (and others) fame.

The coming US dollar crisis Message Board – Msg: 33169932 (siliconinvestor.com)

and bitcoin is open for attack too, and the dinos really don’t like it at all, and these days those dinos own the universe that meteorite exists in. The dinos have gone hi tech !!

Rarible – create and sell digital collectibles secured with blockchain

According to some chat around this post, one of the biggest short positions is in Silver. Max Kaiser tried to squeeze the silver shorts on at least one occasion. Failed. I have my own thoughts on these volatile times.

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Important note: Not financial advice in any way, please do your own research and seek appropriate advice where necessary.

20210130 Hey Joe !

Where are those supposed 80+ million of your supporters (voters) gone ?

The computers indicate the mathematics does not compute.

Hey Joe you shot the mathematics down!

Quite some player is Joe !

He is gonna run down in Corona land I hear.

Polls show Biden winning: Can you believe them? | Donald Trump News | Al  Jazeera

Where everything is made up.

20200128 Dear oh Dear ! attn: Boris J.

This is a bit irregular isn’t it? Doesn’t the good doctor know about using proper channels for this kind of information, where it can be studiously ignored?

Just like the bucket load of other scientific data that doesn’t suit the NWO agenda that Boris and his criminal cronies are grovelling puppets for?

Let’s build back better for a new world order where doctors actually look after patients without interference from psychotic murdering politicians and health care administrators

These findings are not anything new by a long chalk, and the politicians know this and knew this all along. Criminals, all of them !!

First do no harm ! yeah?

20210128 TEXIT !!!

First a little aside. How is the Federal Government being viewed by it’s many residents ?? Most Americans voted for Biden, yes? OK, so explain this.

Zoe Phin. “Mother, wife, and 10 year wall street veteran”.

Here is some of her work to date.

Zoe Phin – Zoe’s Insights (phzoe.com)

Just been reading some of Zoe Phins other contributions. It’s wonderful, the comments too of course…

I like the one on The greenhouse effect. It’s a bit scathing. -lol-

Dumbest Math Theory Ever – Zoe’s Insights (phzoe.com)

and the comments are not to be missed !!!

Roy’s rhetoric reassures his ideological mathematics.
Energy can only flow when there’s a potential for it to flow, that is hot -> cold. But if you ignore that, anything is possible!

A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

— Max Planck”

Zoe’s blog will provide hours (years probably) of enlightenment and fun, for anyone whose has been bludgeoned for too long by New World Order “science”.


and so to the main content of this post subject material.

Texit: Why high-tech giants are fleeing Silicon Valley for Texas | The Independent

a utube video from “Liberal hivemind”

Hopefully this will end up as just a bluff. Do we want Texas gone wild?

20210128 Is money pooled short aka 1929 ?

If so, some of it just hit a cyber land mine.

However, that will be a very minor skirmish event before the main body moves in an takes over. If it’s gonna happen. My bank account hopes not of course…. and I mean really.

My view

The coming US dollar crisis Message Board – Msg: 33167288 (siliconinvestor.com)

& reality.

These are words of a real player. “This is bubble action.” It is worth a careful read.

Jesse's Café Américain


parts 1 & 2, putting things into some context as seen by some. I see the stuff about Covid19 and Casinos as spot on. On the money.

h/t to ggersh, TJ, GnG, and others. Lots of others. What a team !

The Burning Platform



and some of my side notes.

The coming US dollar crisis Message Board – Msg: 33166374 (siliconinvestor.com)

The coming US dollar crisis Message Board – Msg: 33166215 (siliconinvestor.com)

Could be, but I see some positivity out there too.

20210126 The state of our currencies.

This was published on the 13th Jan 2021 about Qtr 2, 2019. It’s suitable to post it now, post the USA election. from my perspective.

I think this is the song referred to in the interview.

Oh, I left at least one super hero out in my last post. Posted several times on the thread over the years though. What is it with these Americans ? Who invented the Internet ? Thank you Canon Aickle. A hat tip to all.

and what tune was this guy singing?

20210125 Hoo is Woo?

The coming US dollar crisis Message Board – Msg: 33163176 (siliconinvestor.com)

The coming US dollar crisis Message Board – Msg: 33163561 (siliconinvestor.com)

and another of my favs, played before but maybe appropriate for a replay here.

Now for some clues how to conduct operations in future. However, we should not deal with the future by trying to mimic how yesterdays wars were fought. That always was a losing strategy.

Orson Wells acknowledges the greatest human being he ever met.

The Marshall Plan

Japan was also recipient of the Marshall Plan too. They also got Deming as a freebie.

Deming is the best guy I never met.


Some variations on the theme from an old TV series. Quiet and cool.