20210110 USA update.

I have been hearing lots of chatter on the boards. Lots of it.

Just leave things with this at the moment.

This is was passes for a group chat for quiet peaceful community church goers these days.

There is more, lots more. It just isn’t some wild teenager typing up conspiracy stuff from his parents basement I’m afraid. Sorry if you were disposed to thinking that way. Things are actually different.

The insurrection act has been signed. (seemingly, no source is credible or “not credible” in my estimation. All the stones need to be turned to see what can be gleaned from it)

I had already noticed Pakistan power out last night.

Who is Simon Parks? hmmm. Is this the same guy??

Simon Parkes – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

fwiw & I am just the messenger. . That’s about it for the moment I guess.

and if you don’t believe any of that, something will be happening this week according to the Guardian Newspaper. Congress is going to “Impeach Trump”. Here is the anticipated schedule.

What to expect this week when Congress moves to force Trump from office | Donald Trump | The Guardian

and Nancy Pelosi says “Your not the king of the castle, get down you dirty rascal


So hopefully this confusion will be clarified later this week. Stay safe.

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