20210114 Steve Pieczenik finally returns.

Steve Pieczenik . I watch his broadcasts on his channel avidly. His broadcasts stopped before election day. Normally I do not watch the Alex Jones show. Alex Jones is OK, impressed me about 20 years ago with various items, but our paths have separated since then. He just rubs up the wrong way on certain things.

Steve Pieczenik did appear briefly on an Alex Jones show just after the Election to say there was a sting operation and Biden did not win the election.

He looks to have extensive experience in appropriate channels and is a firm USA Patriot with many qualifications and experience according to my researches. An impressive background of service and achievement for his country and other nations.

He just appeared on the Alex Jones show again tonight, and said he will never appear again if he is proven wrong.

i.e. S.P has implied the USA is indeed under military rule and Biden will NOT be the next president of the USA.

fwiw. (for what it’s worth)

Here is a snippet as this blog site will not allow me to load the whole video. Hope SP and AJ forgive me, it is an important piece of informational history if true.

Contact admin@gazelda.com for if this is an issue.

Excerpt from Alex Jones interview of Steve Pieczenik

Just saying. I happened to come across this information on one of the boards and confirmed it by watching the AJ show just so you don’t have to. You are welcome to watch it but you will be exposed to several minutes of Alex Jones trying to sell you various vitamin pills and assorted patent medicinal products, and Alex Jones himself of course. You can trust me on this as I know that AJ does irk and upset people with his bellicose ways.


Updates : Patrick Byrne (former CEO of overstock.com)

The Real Patrick Byrne, [14.01.21 06:45]
To all paying attention DOD Chris Miller originally signed off on 7,000 troops, magically we have 20,000 now. This is going to swell to 40,000 by the 20th. I’m staying at the Trump Hotel in DC and I’ve walked the capital grounds and the only unrest is by BLM activists.

They are not preparing for MAGA patriots. The troops are on the ground for ANTIFA and BLM.

The Real Patrick Byrne, [14.01.21 07:12]
DOD indictments are coming

We don’t have the national guard deployed to 50 states for MAGA rioters. It would be a party in Seattle / Portland / LA / Detroit / NYC if Biden was sworn in at high noon.

They have been deployed by the strategist Christopher Charles Miller under the nose of Pelosi and “Cryin Chuck”. Mr 4D chess as many call him in the army.

The democrats would look like hypocrites if they did an about face on vandalism and looting now. The nights of 22 and 23 stay in your homes!

[Litore Lapis] Here is my revision version of Patrick Brynes illustration.

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