20210122 Dealing with lies.

A strange conundrum.

First up. Whats going on with all the “Conspiracy Theory” sites being wrong about the Presidential election? No doubt about it, many were getting information they trusted that was wrong. Did some event actually go wrong, or were they deliberately being set up ??

Steve Pieczenik can misinform, and (because of his background) spin the truth better then anybody probably and I always understood that. So I wonder? … did he just get it wrong or was it deliberate? He is still appears loyal to Trump, so I suspect the former. Whatever the truth is in that matter, it is of little value now. Trust takes a long time to build, and once gone, it takes a long time to rebuild or is typically lost for good. It’s not lost to me that his “misinformation” may be deliberate, The problem could be that people are too trusting. Not sure on that matter yet. There is absolutely no point in getting uppity in these matters, we are all responsible for out own decisions. I have read a number of the complaints that people have been “let down” by proceeding to date.

Question those who make statements” was a turn of phrase that SP emphasised. I still trust Steve Pieczenik more then any other source. Just saying, that is my POV.

Here is some twitter. Actually, I did a little revision of S.P’s site, I now suspect something unexpected went wrong. More.


Steve Pieczenik on Twitter: “All in on the #conjob #SwampScum No one will miss it when it sinks” / Twitter

Here is the one I am going to watch. Jovan is on the ball.

JovanHuttonPulitzer ™ #JovanHuttonPulitzer (@JovanHPulitzer) / Twitter

In other news.

Beverly Hills doctor Simone Gold, who criticized the coronavirus vaccine and advocated for hydroxychloroquine as a treatment, is arrested in connection with the Capitol riots

The bs reaches record depths. I certainly hope all charges are dropped soon, and if persisted with, could be a great rallying point to expose all the lies and bullchit being pushed by the MSM.

Beverly Hills doctor Simone Gold is arrested in connection with the Capitol riots | Daily Mail Online

Saw this when it came out. A great documentary. Hat tip to Isopatch of SI who posted it again.

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