20210123 “Dealing with lies.” Latest Guesstimate.

OK I have ruminated on the conundrums of my last post. Here are the possible the scenarios.

(i) The information we are seeing in the media; Newspapers, TV, Social Media is essentially accurate. There is a pandemic, Masks, Social Distancing, Lockdowns are necessary. Joe Biden is a better president of the USA then Donald Trump, and he actually got more votes then Trump, There was just normal levels of fraud, and that would not have made any difference in the USA election, even if reversed.

(ii) The scenario in (i) is completely untrue. The reverse is true in each case. There was a counter coup planned, and it would take place as the court cases showed overwhelming evidence of wrong doing. Unfortunately events in the background took a turn for the worse (example, CCP had damning evidence of wrong doing of major players) and it was likely the coup would fail, and therefore abandoned. People running on “hopium” have dreams dashed. Unhappy campers.

Note: People in the USA have had almost no funds or support since the start of the lockdowns. $600 in almost a year. In the USA, if you don’t have money you starve. It’s a simple as that. Effectively it was a hostage situation of 300+ millions. It’s a very tough situation for them indeed. Everywhere in the world , it’s the poorer people who have suffered the most.

(iii) The case of (ii) is essentially true. Deep state take over of the political system in USA cannot be overturned, even in the light of proven widespread wrong doing. Former President Trump and his winnowed team of loyalists have insufficient power to stop them. However, disseminate information through all channels to try and inform the populace, and allow them to harden mistrust of MSM. Deliberately promote program that everything will be rosy and wonderful once people reeducate themselves and become more active in politics. The leaders “in the know” like SP fully knowing that the attempt will almost certainly fail in practice. However, if the public is now informed and aroused, they are more likely to create the necessary political willpower to change the system. It isn’t just sitting back popping the pop corn, but more of a matter of getting involved in local politics and contributing.

I think scenario (iii) is the most likely of realities.

I hope that , FOR NOW, at least some funds are paid to the American people so they can start getting food to eat and get some overdue bills paid.

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