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I posted this on a comments board recently. Others might want to glance through it too. All the links are on this board posted earlier, but it’s for the folks who missed them or who failed to connect certain dots. Like the nanoparticles for example. Yeah. Really.

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OK, all very interesting. Been reading the comments. A few points.

(i) On the q board what was the penultimte msg? Interesting fwiw.

(ii) Dont know what anyone knows of money, but the current system is a ponzi scheme. The market is going to the moon.. Why, as everyone is being forced to stay at home and accept hand outs. What backs the handouts? It isn’t real money or gold. It was your labour in the form of goods and services. So is everything more wonderful today? You might not want to be the President when that ball has to be catched. The baloney about deficits etc, who was worse Trump ot Clinton etc, is meaningless. The debt is driven by an exponential increase in debt. There is no stopping it, as the system is designed to fail.

(iii) I like CAF, If wou listen to her whole broadcast with Greg Hunter, you will see why she dislikes the new vaccines etc.

The whole broadcast is worth listening to. CAF is a Christian.

If you are constrained for time, listen to a few minutes from each link.

Gideon Quote.


The “Red Button Story”


“Marshall Law”

Quote: “The minute you allow Marshall Law. They will grab the guns, grab a whole lot of property, put a whole load of people in prison, the DEEP STATE will drive a PANZER division through that window”.

i.e keep everything within the constitution.

I wish to add to what CAF says here btw. I come from an electronics manufacturing background. The history of solid state electronics is interesting. It has a centrally controlled military origin. The MIC is powerful and very influential.

Warning, CAF goes into a rant about qanon. She is not against qanon imho, but she says we dont just sit down a eat the popcorn. The people drive the change.

and I agree with CAF. She is “on the money” in a lot of matters -g-

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