20210304 “And good luck with the battle in Hong Kong”

I started answering a question on face masks by first watching this video.

ASK THE EXPERTS II | Oracle Films | CoviLeaks | 2021 BBC Panorama Response (brandnewtube.com)

and then to this.

I was able to find a utube version of Prof. Delores Cahill’s interview.

There are 32 ways to mislead people with the word DEATH.

Any areas of concern there? What about those Amish 20 miles from new Jersey??

If you are concerned about the quality of Prof Delorus Cahill’s qualifications to speak on the matter then I suggest you listen to the first few minutes of this interview.

The history of lockdowns.

Now all that is all just some general information. Lets get to FACE MASKS.


So the information to the contrary is where? Is there any real science to the contrary?? I doubt it.


or maybe triple masks would help?

A clear demonstration that masks do not work.

Oh wait make that four masks !

NBC News urges wearing 4 masks! CNBC goes for 3 masks – But Wash Post & CNN only go for wearing 2 masks | Climate Depot

That is all all the proof anyone needs that masks (a single mask) do not work. The “science” doesn’t even get to joke level.

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