20201010 Authoritarian Hellscape

A lot of utube videos get zapped so I am going to add an excerpt from the author so I know what to look for in case it goes missing.

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To everyone saying that the son didn’t say no as to not cause a scene and upset his mother: that’s a very reasonable take and I’d be agreeing with you if I didn’t see the brothers on the news, being interviewed about the whole viral video–which always makes me go “hmmm.” My point was, a firm “no” would suffice; mom’s already upset; the funeral employee is the one who already caused a scene. But there was no resistance, not even a little. Just interviews after the incident that, from my perspective, reinforce the sheer hopeless of the police state.

A good post. “Reallygraceful” is now high on my list of potential Patreon subscriptions. I want to get good content journalism out there and prepared to pay a little for it…. instead of the stupid BBC Tee Vee licence and the main stream media papers that are OK for wrapping fish suppers in but nothing else.

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