A question for students of electronic circuit design. What is a “feedback loop” ?

What is 911 backwards? How about 11/9/1965 ? Go to “The Gazelda Links” post number one… “The trigger effect” and learn about flight 911. That is Scandinavian Flight 911 that flew on 11/9/1965, or in U.S.A notation “9/11” in 1965. James Burke tells the story back before 17th October 1978 while standing on the top of one of the  WTC’s.


AND if your not an electronics student, your already learning about a “feedback loop” and what it does, if you read this little note.

You maybe become a student of logic and deduction that way too.

Remember to read up the later posts ( The De Havilland Comet investigation) describing  what a proper investigation looks like.  Evidence is gathered up and examined for clues, not carted away and melted down ASAP.  That would be an extremely odd and unusual thing to do where an unexplained event occurred, and public safety was at risk.  Especially if a building just suddenly fell down in an unexpected way.  That would be an important  matter of  immediate concern.


Just one of those curious things I guess.



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