20210417 Waste of Cyber Space.

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Like the subject of Chemistry, there are always exceptions to every rule.

Anna Brees (@BreesAnna) / Twitter

But here is some twitter dross anyway.

So what’s the charge here ? Dr Mike Yeadon reads the Sun newspaper too much or something? People still buy that horse chit (gutter press) rag for some reason. That rape gangs of any kind are AOK? Everybody has their blemishes, and Mike Yeadon is probably no exception. HOWEVER, what has that got to do with the price of tea? i.e. for those dim wits who know absolutely next to nothing about any virus infection (moi included) , what about Mike Yeadon ‘s expertise on immunology. Gettit? His science and statistics look good to me, even though we might differ on what makes for appropriate discussion on cyber chit holes like twitter.

20210415 An advocate for patients.

Another very brave lady under fire, but doing what she can.

UK Column News – 14th April 2021 – NHS VACCINE SPECIALIST SPEAKS OUT! (bitchute.com)

Regarding “UK Column”. I recommend it as a news source. They have reported on many matters including the hoo haa around the”Salisbury Poisoning”.T he guy on the left, is ex UK navy, and took part in chemical warfare exercises and training. The bs from msm, the BBC included, is shocking beyond words.

So for what reason should I be compelled to wear a mask? This is beyond ridiculousness, though a very serious matter involving a major crime in progress.

Meanwhile, on the media front…

20210413 “The biggest crime against humanity ever. “

Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr. Fuellmich

„Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit“ – Money Talks V EN – Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr. Fuellmich

May be an image of text that says "TRUTH does not mind being questioned A LIE does not like being challenged"



It will all get flushed out soon. The right questions are being asked, and the criminals who are trying to hide behind official bullchit will soon find themselves painted into a corner imho.

20210411 Covid19 update.

LUKE RUDKOWSKI says it in February.

For anyone who was watching what Bill Gates was up to during the 80’s and 90’s, it was clear the guy was into total control of the PC market and had little or no scruples. There is a family background there.

So he had to become a “philanthropist” for the same reasons Rockefeller did. It was for public image reasons, nothing else.

This is just part of todays story. (March 8th,

Here is the nightmare in more detail. It’s an extended plan of what went on in the PC market. earlier. Now both you and I are the intended marketable goods.

Dr Carrie Madej speaks about the atheists who are running the Covid19 vaccine program.

It’s not a good story, and I can see why information is being censored.

Medical Doctors Worldwide Warn about Covid19 Vaccines

Kamalpreet Singh Interviews Dr Carrie Madej (bitchute.com)

If your not concerned by any of this, you should be. Something is very wrong.

The lies are clear and “in your face”. These assholes will stop at nothing unless the worlds majority of humans get up on their hind legs and fight back at all levels.

20210411 PrimaryDoctor.Org

The silicon investor thread on Corona Viruses has a good accumulation of links and sources.


a recent addition.



COVID-19 is a lack of nutrients | primarydoctor


covid vit d graph.jpg

Good evidence far as I can tell. More

And if your a non science type of person?

“If on the other hand, you find that the scientific information in this paper is overwhelming,there is another way to look at COVID virus vs COVID vaccine risks.  How many famous people died within 2 weeks after taking the COVID vaccine?

20210410 Dr Roger Hodkinson CEO & Medical Director – MA, MB, FRCPC, FCAP

Dr Hodkinson received his general medical degrees from Cambridge University in the UK, and then became a Royal College certified pathologist in Canada (FRCPC) following a residency in Vancouver, BC.