911 Evidence. The considerations.




David Chandler.  A High School teacher using some basic Physics proves the official story wrong.

D.C is a  real world hero imho.

Some of his earlier work.  Outstanding stuff, and sadly only one of the very few scientists and engineers to belly up and tell the truth as they knew it.  The press are just a bunch of cowards and liars. Plain and simple.



By way of comparison:- The De Haviland Comet crashes circa 1954

This is what a real public investigation looks and feels like. The guilty were discovered, but there were many who opposed to find out what was really going on.  Notice how evidence is gathered up and examined early on rather then disposed of as quickly as possible. This is maybe the first clue in to what really happened on 911. Also notice how all theories are considered carefully over time before reaching any hasty conclusion.


It’s not really that hard to figure out what’s going on here is it?  If you think it is… look at the evidence for longer and a little  harder with an open mind. The very obvious will surface before long imho.

David Chandler annihilates the validity of the NIST 911 explanations..



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