Corporate Responsibility
Many Ways We Give Back

Food Security

Providing consistent, daily access to nutritional meals improves concentration, capacity to fully participate in school, and routines that promote long-term physical health.

“With every healthy meal and snack you provide for kids in your community, you're not just nourishing them today; you are shaping their habits and their tastes for the rest of their lives.”

— Michelle Obama
Let's Move! Cities, Towns and Counties Event, 9/16/15

Affordable Housing

Improving the affordability of housing fosters a sense of safety and dependability, setting the groundwork for academic success and a more secure future.

“…a home that is affordable to the household yields a multitude of opportunities around employment, health and education.”

— United States Interagency Council on Homelessness

Educational Excellence

Supporting educational equity and persistence inspires the fullest realization of professional achievement.

“Education is the most empowering force in the world. It creates knowledge, builds confidence and breaks down barriers to opportunity.”

— Helle Thorning-Schmidt
CEO, Save the Children International, 2017

Accessible Healthcare

Increasing healthcare accessibility and awareness has direct effects on both physical and financial health.

“…when (the) poor and middle-class are buried under an avalanche of medical expenses they have a much harder time pursuing the things we know increase upward mobility, including getting a better education, which leads to a better job…and a greater ability to save money, buy a house and not be forced to live month-to-month.”

— Georgia Center for Opportunity

Partnering with influential organizations

Constantly, we strive to produce more pertinent, authentic, and beneficial outcomes for everyone. And the more individuals we involve, the better.

Such as our three-year cooperation with the British Red Cross, we partner with local and worldwide communities. By assisting with the rollout and uptake of their weather emergency app, we collaborate to better prepare vulnerable individuals for times of uncertainty and crisis.

Combating climate risk and environmental impacts

We are all aware that climate change is one of our greatest challenges.

Hence, we're collaborating to guarantee that we're doing everything we can to minimize its long-term impact on our consumers and our business, such as reducing our CO2 emissions.

Sustainable Development Goals

We value supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. These goals aim to alleviate poverty, safeguard the environment, and ensure prosperity for all by 2030. And we feel we play a crucial role in achieving this aim.

We use the Sustainable Development Goals to lead ourselves, our clients, and society toward a better future.

Good governance

As a member of Gazelda Group, we are one of the largest businesses in our industry.

By conducting our company in an honest and transparent manner, we hope to make the entire sector more efficient. And establish credibility with investors and shareholders.

The values that shape us

We live in service
Compassionately serving our customers and communities, we are committed to putting empathy and care into action.

We act as one team
We recognize and value the obligations entrusted to us, holding ourselves accountable to fulfill the commitments we make.

We do what's right
We treat one another with courtesy and truthfulness. By acting with honesty, we establish trustworthy connections with people we serve and do right by them.

We get things done
We take initiative, act with haste, and apply sound judgment to overcome obstacles, so enhancing one another and achieving more.

We think big
By remaining inquisitive and accepting multiple viewpoints, we anticipate requirements, have the guts to take calculated risks, and make courageous judgments.

Our Partners