If you ever lose an email, or text, telephone number, or contact info on that hot date you found on the internet….

Just ask for a copy to be sent over !  

I’m joking of course. They have a copy (“They” = NSA) of course,  but would not send a copy,  and may even deny they ever had the file in the first place !

Bill Binney explains. 

I’ve gotten used to the concept, but it took me a while.  Video from “Crowd Source The Truth” 


This video is about 60 minutes long. I have only watched the first 30 mins for far, but will be watching the rest.  It’s stuff we need to know. 

Robert Steele looks to be getting into deeper do do, but there ya go.  Gotta see what else is going on. 

Robert David Steele’s Website.  https://robertdavidsteele.com/

There is a massive robotic version of  John Edgar Hoover out there, digging up the dirt on you and keeping it filed  “just in case” it’s needed sometime… for some reason.   The 1960’s USSR Russian commies had a lot to learn from today’s Americans how to be a big brother.  

Here is some FBI records released on Feyman.  One of my favourite guys. 

Just finished watching the last of this.  God bless Bill Binney, and God Bless America.  If you watch it all, you will know where my loyalty rests. Hey !!! I said nice things about the NSA too, but a balanced view of reality needs to be held on our modern state of communications on the global scale.  GCHQ? well that remains what Parliament says about them.  Thank you ggerch for the link.  Here is a mirror, made in the USA, for them to look into. It’s not just the Trump supporters and Republicans who are taking the p*ss out of HRC.  And those false flags…. we all know about these now don’t we ?  No need to bring up all that unpleasant stuff.  We can all agree on that. 

This mirror was proudly made in the USA.

Here is an American Republican’s view on similar subjects.  Wars mainly.  If you listen carefully, it’s not a lot different.  Oh there is some “conspiracy theory” in there, but what can I say… he has worked in the intelligence community and has an extensive resume working for the USA government. For some reason I find his views agreeable too.  

a later broadcast (repeated from earlier post). Very mirror like for some reason.

  Thank you Steve Pieczenik for keeping us educated on World events. 
Proudly posted in the UK.

This will be nearly the last of my posts. My future lies into providing technical services, if I am capable of delivering my project.   I will be in the background,  but I thought I would leave a little sampler of what my thoughts and views are here at the tail end of 2018.  I can polish up whats here, seen various typos etc, and maybe even put in a comment here and there for clarification and updates. 

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