In the Tehran Times over Breakfast. (smoked Haddock and Eggs)

Sorry, I was hungry, I just needed that toast first.

Later, at the sans pebbles end of the beach there were some guys still waiting on service. They looked a bit glum…. understandable.

fortunately the central heating is functioning ok…

My breakfast was disturbed by the bl**dy socialists moving pebbles from one end of the beach to the other. The vibration from those over-sized wheel barrows they have made even the coffee cups shake!

Oh he cheered up a bit. Must of got something…
Just trying out a wheel barrow for size…

Meanwhile back at the operations room… The grim business of the rat race continues…

No sea level rise apparent here.

OMG ! …. deja view.

You can see ’em from here…. the pebble socialists at work… yellow wheel barrow and scoop in distance.

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