It is all mind boggling stupid … if no one has jobs, who are the people, (where is the market?), the corporations are going to sell in to?

Let look at a recent manufacturing issue…

From the Guardian Newspaper…

‘Designed by clowns’: Boeing messages raise serious questions about 737 Max

The history of manufacturing since the 1930’s in the UK and USA.

The pursuit of quality enabled the USA to become the manufacturing powerhouse in WW2. The American corporate structure subsequently destroyed that ability, even though there were several valiant attempts to bring manufacturing back to USA shores.

The story is explained in a simple surname. DEMING. An internet search will tell you everything you need to know. Although USA corporate structure have “modernized” DEMINGS (et al) approach to manufacturing quality products, they just ignore the bits they don’t like. Other countries like Japan have a much better approach, and they learned much of what they know from the American called DEMING. The fact is… if you want to buy a well manufactured product like a car…. where do you go? It usually isn’t the UK or America these days. There are exceptions to the rule, but they do not contribute significantly to the economy of the country. In the UK, the manufacturing ability of the country was destroyed so we could focus on the real economic “powerhouse” of the country… “The city” (manipulating and generating fiat money) and the service industry. Those pesky unions etc could easily be got rid of that way. Hitler had the same idea, control the workers, …. and he was funded by USA Corporations generally speaking. The same will always remain true of humanity. The “top down” or “command and control” of the populous does not work. Same with it’s sibling “micromanagement” and of course the “command economy” that is usually pointed at the Soviet Era economy, itself a product generated by western banking interests. The MIC is a “command economy” generally speaking with entrepreneurial spirit only entering when wars start getting really rough. I just love the stories about Frank Whittle and others. Even when a good product was developed, much was done to stall and ruin the main contributors.

The Forgotten Lessons of W. Edwards Deming

Here is an interview from the 1980’s.

In their quest to destroy the wealth and independence of ordinary working people, the big super rich power brokers very deliberately promoted and enabled communist China as an offshore manufacturing facility. Now the new powerhouse China is in a head on power struggle with the West. The dubious benefits and advantages of “5G” are competed for on a truly gigantic scale where almost all jobs will disappear.

That philosophy is what I call a guaranteed loser.

So if no one works, where are the markets going to be, and who has some wealth? DEMINGS good works can tell you what to do if your stuck for an answer.

Improving jobs, improving skills, increasing personal wealth…. that is the way to go. But no… we dont need jobs… we need 5G. FFS. Geepers.

Yes that is right, I am suggesting the introduction of “5G” is like the introduction of the Boeing 757 Max on a far larger risk scale. There are safety issues, loads of them, and they are all being sidelined as beating the Chinese to 5G implementation is deemed so much more important than public health as explained by Steve Pieczenik and others.

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