Liquidity Strategies

Put Your Cash to Best Use

Cash management strategies that are tailored to your specific liquidity needs.

When it comes to your cash, one size simply does not fit all. Understanding how to categorize your cash to align with your risk, return and liquidity needs and expectations can drive an effective investment strategy.

Gazelda liquidity strategies manage cash along the liquidity spectrum of investor needs — from operational to reserve to longer-term, strategic uses of cash. Our deep global expertise in rates, credit and risk management — together with our global scale — can help clients navigate changing economic landscapes.

Strategies focus on high credit quality securities, structured in an effort to preserve principal, provide liquidity and generate a competitive return. Strategies are available in multiple vehicles and custom solutions for institutional and individual investors, utilizing both taxable and tax-exempt securities.

A Global Leader in Liquidity Strategies





*As of December 31, 2022

Why Asset Management at Gazelda for Liquidity Strategies?

  • Global Expertise. Our size and expertise in rates, credit, and risk management aid investors in navigating fluctuating market conditions.
  • Quality and Risk Management. We concentrate on high-quality securities with the objectives of preserving capital, providing liquidity, and generating competitive returns.
  • Integrated Investment Process. A dependable investment procedure that emphasizes macroeconomic analysis, credit research, and risk management.

An Effective Strategy for Any Liquidity Profile

With maturities ranging from one day to eighteen months, our solutions aim to maximize profits across the whole spectrum of liquidity.