Money and Markets.

Here is a Bernie Sanders video on Jessie’ s  Cafe Americain


and regarding money supply,  from Acting Man

A Global Dearth of Liquidity

Website: –

From Stever Piezeniks site.

All serious stuff.  Truman was right. It’s not a depression until you have lost your job.  I lost mine some time ago.


Then we have the really,  really,  R-E-A-L-L-Y stupid stuff in the MSM. In this case the UK Independent newspaper.  Remember the banks print as much money as they want then “lend” (they never had it in the first place) it to you and charge interest on it. This mathematically gives rise to an exponential increase in both debt and the money supply. See my earlier posts on the exponential function and the human perception of it, and even on Money itself.  Yet the MSM want you to feel guilty for spending too much. The banks  create the problem and you get blamed for it. Convenient eh? Oh and the MSM get to ridicule  Trump. There ya go !!

see video in main screen at the top “Global debt: Who does it belong to? And what factors are affecting it?


All the more reason to see though this b/s and spread the word.


Now here is a real plan. Blankfein and  company  would have to approve or somehow be removed from the signoff loop before it became law.  I wonder who cooked this idea up?  The rest of the CB’s could follow suit.  Anybody see problems with the plan?

Now, yes it was a  just an idea,  Trump has achieved a few campaign promises, but the above suggestion would be world shaking if it’s achieved.

How to do it?  It’s gonna take a lot of lifters on a world wide scale… and we have got um.  There is maybe a million  guys who disagree, and I reckon 7 odd billion who would agree with the change.  It’s a matter of getting everyone to understand  whats what.  It’s your money, …. well “cough” …. it’s supposed to be your money… the fruits of your labour.  Have a think about it.

Where we are Dec 5th in the Stock market.

INDU dailys. A triple top. Not a good sign for bulls.

INDU weeklys. A double top. Whats the best hope here? Got to power through the longer term triple top too. Not a good sign for bulls.

Doesn’t mean it can’t happen. But it will take a serious insertion of money into stocks to get past this chart interpretation.

More can be read about chart interpretation here. I think the DP market wrap up for the end of the month for November is effectively  that the monkey is a bear. The previous weeks DP wrap remarks are my guide.

This is a live version too of the chart too,

Looked after by these guys. Decisionpoint, now part of Stockcharts.

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