On Holocaust Denial.

Just watched this old TV interview of David Irving and Deborah Lippstadt. Watched the movie with Timothy Spalding “Denial” too. I liked the response by Deborah Lippstadt defending Americas free speech. That doesn’t seem to be the place where are today though. We all need that “little voice” and be able to listen to it.


I am a fan of Timothy Spall who plays Irving astonishingly well. If the BBC had ever did a proper documentary of 911, I would believe what they say more often… They haven’t though. They lied… deliberately… Just like David Irving did.


and lets not forget… There wasn’t just one Holocaust… there are plenty of others. The Native American Indians, The British genocides in South Africa and India, The Armenian Genocide, and the Palestinian Genocide currently under way in Gaza. The words, propaganda, and racial profiling are exceeding similar to what we heard from the Third Reich. jmho.

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