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“Insiders failed to act after being told Oct. 18th about the pending Chinese Corona virus outbreak “


see comments also… “

Echo Smyth 23 hours ago “The edits are bothersome… I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but come on.

What about patient zero….. where is the analysis ? It’s kinda of important to understand how this happened…. and why was the press all in lockstep on this so quickly ?? I guess the exercise got everyone primed.

20200328 Recent developing developments.

The USA holds 8000+ tons of gold btw, not 8 metric tonnes. Golds is very dense (heavy), more dense then lead.

Not sure what’s bs, and what isn’t. All looks likely though. The Fed has been a problem though … for a long time. fwiw. Interesting to see how these various points of view pan out…. as they will do.

There does seem to be some close timing of these events for some weird reason. Innocuous coincidence I am sure.

This is the third coincidence, there is even an official denial in it. If it was the UK government, an “official denial” these days is good as an admission of guilt.


… but I am sure it’s just a coincidence… another coincidence.