202104 “Flood the Zone”

“Flood the Zone”

If you are wondering why official channels say the things they do, and are different from what real scientists are saying, whose voices are being censored, just watch this official Event 201 video to be forever enlightened. In fact watch them all.

Oh, just to be clear, “False Information” = Truth these crooks don’t want you to hear

or on utube.

If you have the relevant and truthful information… this is what happens

It figures.

Want some real truth to digest? This is still available on utube at the moment. If it goes, the “flood” has struck. It will be available elsewhere though. It is also out of John Hopkins.

Comment on utube site.

JHU Advanced Academic Programs
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The MS in Applied Economics hosted a friendly conversation on a topic on November 11, 2020. This presentation was led by Dr. Genevieve Briand, MS in Applied Economics Assistant Program Director. Genevieve went over where the data could be accessed and downloaded. Together with her, event attendees were invited to think critically about the data presented. This webinar looked at very simple statistics; nonetheless, it shed light on the COVID-19 situation.

Please note: Dr. Briand’s views expressed here have not been peer-reviewed. Her statements are not the views of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences or of Johns Hopkins University.

“Amazing Polly” has nothing to do with John Hopkins. She is not main stream news or academia at all. This presentation is on topic in this case though.

I don’t like the word “boom” its a favourite of CT’s but this is no theory. It’s for real. You have to be in a deep state of denial not to accept the real facts.

This look like an interesting book. I intend to read it over the next week or so.

******** /Update see edit below ********

The Disinformation Age (cambridge.org)

Hey! if I’m wrong I will say so. The truth may be painful, but it is overall rewarding.

/edit: I was wrong. The publication is on an important subject but it’s absolute garbage on most levels. Intellectually it’s sub kindergarten level. It’s for indoctrination only, nothing else. Sorry I mentioned it. I will leave it here though, it’s a useful reference.

Dr Piezenik, who treated himself for Covid right at the beginning of the plandemic. Yeah, it is real and it was planned.

Yeah a real doctor, steeped in politics, and the military … talks. Piezenik knows how to flood a zone.

20210429 So what happened to the “Age of Aquarius” ?

Well, there seems to be an interlude with the “Age of Bullshit“, hopefully it will be just a brief unwelcome advert type of thing.

When Quackery of the first dimension (Masks, Lockdowns, Social Distancing) meets the Quackery of vaccine blowback by a government that was elected by the questionable truth of Dominion voting machines. Yes ! the truth and science in any of this approaches zero.

And the school in question has used “tax paid dollars” and federal funds. Dear oh dear !!

Meanwhile real science (that looks to be anything printed before 2020) shows even bacteria (much bigger then viruses) can be blown from the Black Sea to Sweden no problem at all.

Long-range air transmission of bacteria – PubMed (nih.gov)

and wearing face masks and social distancing and lockdowns is going to stop viruses from getting from one place to another? Dream on ! oh yeah and show some actual science please, before fukking up the whole word economy and ruining human existence.

Ontario mother fined $880 under stay-at-home order for leaving children with grandparents | National Post

and another water borne aspect. The science of flushing loos.

The Chinese are using anal swab tests to check for Covid19

China Deploys Anal Swab Tests To Detect High-Risk Covid-19 Cases (forbes.com)

and what about said loos? The science checked them out some time ago. Each flush sends a huge cloud of water droplets into the air and surroundings.

Aerosol Generation by Modern Flush Toilets (nih.gov)

and 97% of the droplet size is below 1 micron, and these droplets could typically carry a virus.

Cough aerosol in healthy participants: fundamental knowledge to optimize droplet-spread infectious respiratory disease management | BMC Pulmonary Medicine | Full Text (biomedcentral.com)

What can be said of a cough can also be said of a loo.

So is the government going to pass a law to mandate wearing Covid proof underwear? Maybe I should not even voice that suggestion, they are liable to do it.

And those loos, are they Covid Safe now? Maybe we will have a whole new Apartheid type of segregation. “Vaccinated only” like these signs.

Apartheid Era Signs in South Africa

It will be harder to tell who is who though. Those fake vaccination passports are so cheap these days !

So our bodies see bacteria and viruses all the time. 24/7/365.

Thank GOD I have a natural immune system. What !??! the Bill Gates 3.1 immune system brought in with the advertised fake plandemic ? No thank you!!! GTF in fact.

Vitamin D3 and normal treatment using standard approved drugs like Ivermectin (there are plenty of others too) will do nicely thank you. No need to go out on a wing and start using experimental and very expensive untested vaccines.

Read up on the real science (usually censored these days) and learn what is really going on.

When we are back to real science, we can listen to that nice song again, 5D instead of 5G.

Yeah a few real safety checks would not go amiss. Risk assessment, all that real science stuff. Lets deal with reality instead of pretend stuff. Read my previous stuff in fact. It’s all there.

Back to the schedule for the next 2100+ years. Maybe listen to Ivor Cummings and Dr Campbell in the previous message. It is all down to D3 by the looks of things. Let the sunshine in.

20210417 Waste of Cyber Space.

Coronavirus – Covid 19 Information Sharing Forum Message Board – Msg: 33285160 (siliconinvestor.com)

Like the subject of Chemistry, there are always exceptions to every rule.

Anna Brees (@BreesAnna) / Twitter

But here is some twitter dross anyway.

So what’s the charge here ? Dr Mike Yeadon reads the Sun newspaper too much or something? People still buy that horse chit (gutter press) rag for some reason. That rape gangs of any kind are AOK? Everybody has their blemishes, and Mike Yeadon is probably no exception. HOWEVER, what has that got to do with the price of tea? i.e. for those dim wits who know absolutely next to nothing about any virus infection (moi included) , what about Mike Yeadon ‘s expertise on immunology. Gettit? His science and statistics look good to me, even though we might differ on what makes for appropriate discussion on cyber chit holes like twitter.