20200715 Crisis blame game set up.

The financial crisis has been hanging over us for years…. way before 2008 which was a “sweeping the crap under the carpet” manoeuvre, nothing else apart from a vast looting exercise. Something is needed as a “cause”. It’s about to happen again. Enter the virus ….



Oh and “Dictat Deus”


How many derivatives out there? Time to look at the situation as a picture.


I love this visualization.


Here is some real history for you. God Bless one of the USA’s true heroines.

As always. Paul Grignon’s excellent work.

Oh and For Gods Sake please can we have some common sense return to the world. ????

Lets stop the elementary school medical project bullchit now please. RIGHT NOW !!!

20200617 A new definition of blatant lies. Covid19



This Covid19 news causes a “pause for thought”

The perpetrators of this scam had a “Lockdown for thee not for me

Any real surprise that this flu was grown in a Lab? No… didn’t think so.

some other links to the published material at Cambridge Quarterly Review of Biophysics.


“Make science real again”

“Real Science Matters”

“Your not allowed to meet people…”

This was all deliberate, no matter what the excuses are. The minimum crime is manslaughter, and very likely much worse. It’s time for a change. We need to fast forward to this part of the Movie. Revenge needs to be brought to the Bill Gates sycophants at this gutter press rag soon.


All the little tin pot dictators, all of them, Boris Johnson included, all those poncy little chits who stood up every day with Union Jacks on the flanks

20200616 Craig Murray

and meanwhile they never managed to shut the British pubs in two world wars, but the scam called Covid19 had us all quivering in out boots while they shut the pubs and destroyed the world economy. The same guys that were behind WW1 and WW2. Yes, the Nazis did not go from worlds biggest bankruptcy ever post WW1 to biggest military force in less then a decade with Autobahns criss crossing the country by WW2. Why did they never discuss that in history lessons at school ? Big money was behind it all. probably the most relevant fact behind it all is hidden in plain sight.