20200109 Five Ghee. OMG.

Very reckless approach here. A bit like when Radioactivity and X Rays were discovered. Everyone just tossed the potential health hazards aside and did not consider them.

That changed. We learned. The hard way as usual.

The Radium Girls and the Generation that brushed its Teeth with Radioactive Toothpaste” That’s right…. I think we are being at least as stupid as they were. You can learn more about that subject here… https://www.messynessychic.com/2015/07/02/the-radium-girls-and-the-generation-that-brushed-its-teeth-with-radioactive-toothepaste/

I have posted much on the subject of 5G

No jobs? Everyone will be a millionaire? hmmm.

OK, This is what I think about 5G. It’s on the money imho.

and there is more…. this tells you whats what. Real science stuff.

Fry everyone in your home with 5G with the BEST DEAL EVER !!!

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War is a Racket.

Major General Smedley Butler on War.
The Hero Smedley Butler steps in and saves the day.

It’s all too true today… yes… right now 2020. January 9th

The cartoon version.

There is more…. lots and lots more…. but hopefully you get the initial picture. “The Corporation” is a good film to buy and watch.

Yeah there is a story to be told…. and it needs telling…. you wont get it on your normal 5G network.

Watch this space though ….

You have been sold a lie about 911… you were told lies about Polar Bears… you have been told lots of lies…. deliberately. This why I contend there are deliberate programs to keep you misinformed and confused. The evidence is overwhelming as you shall see.

You have been told lie upon lie about the death of JFK. He was assassinated by a group of criminals who carried out a political coup. The Vietnam War was the result plus a number of other well documented historical events. The evidence is very clear and obvious, yet this is not pointed out to you. The Zapruder film clearly shows, from the a basic rule of Physics ( conservation of momentum) That the final and fatal Shot that killed JFK came from the front, not the rear of his head. The crapola that “ballistics experts” show otherwise are deliberate lies and such people must be paid well to misinform you.

911 was a lie. The basic rules of Physics, (acceleration of gravity and conservation of energy), clearly show Building 7 was demolished by explosives, there is no other explanation.

Once these very clear lies are exposed, all of the other lies become obvious. The pack of lies collapse in on themselves.

“The people who move”

The evolution of the term “Conspiracy Theory”

“A 50-page CIA memo, known as “CIA Dispatch 1035-960,” instructed agents to contact their media contacts and disparage those, like Garrison, criticizing the Warren Commission findings that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK and acted alone. The 1967 document is here in the original, and here in reformatted text of its summary.”

In reality the second JFK investigation “United States House Select Committee on Assassinations” resulted in …. guess what…. a whole bunch of assassinations. There were bodies of key witnesses just dropping everywhere before they could testify. Surely that needs some sort of investigation?

911 is and was beyond a joke… and insult to any normal persons intelligence.

and if you can handle a little Physics…. Here is an update….

Here is more of David Chandlers analysis.

All this was to get the wars started that have been going on since 09/11/2001. and before. It’s a RACKET.

20200108 Lockerbie Revisted. What “the f**k” is going on ?!?

Cast your memory back to here if possible.



Here is the situation. “


Vronsky07 January, 2020
What a pity Rouhani doesn’t realise how big a bomb he could explode just by claiming, and proving, Iranian responsibility for Lockerbie. And nobody would get hurt, except the toffs at the top.
Someone should tell him…..


Rolfe08 January, 2020
Interesting thought.

and here is an “Alternate History” old utube link on the whole subject, is probably more accurate then a lot of the guff put into history books. Yeah… I have downloaded all this stuff as I just know utube etc etc cannot be trusted to allow humanity to actually try and fix many of the corrupt and criminal activities that go on on this planet.

and now right up to date… as of 20200108 we have…


20200105. Iran, Trump supporters response.

First an in depth view into the assassination of Iran’s top general from Tru news. It has a Reuters segment in it.


911 truth supporters of Trump point out that this event would not have taken place without the approval (or at least prior acceptance) from Russia certainly and China probably. The responses in the news seem to confirm that view. It is also suggested that there was a split developing in Iran (no huge surprise, they occur everywhere, even among the ultra Zionists who seem to be the force behind most of the world problems) and that the USA played their part in resolving the problem. Here is the synopsis from Steve Pieczenik.

On War…

I would like to post a deeper insight into the latest Iran killings by drones. To give balance to the argument I would like to post views from Pro Trump commentators who have been quoted on this board before. Unfortunately they have not yet responded.

I listened to to some USA main steam media pablum. Before I post the links, here is something that Herman Goering said (Nazi in WW2 who commanded Hitlers Air Forces) at his defense at the Nuremberg war trials in 1946.

and here are those links on the Drone Strike that killed Qasem Soleimani. They talk about muppets jeering from the gallery. Kind of appropriate maybe… and of course cheering on those brave drones. …

so who are the “terrorists”? Armed drones being operated in a foreign country sounds like terrorist activity to me. Yemen… yep that is a good one… and 911 too. It’s all terrorists…. and we should be finding out who those guys are ,,, the ones staging the terror attacks… The guy below looks like a candidate to me. This was dated 2012….

and of course….

In the link below (Jimmy Dore show) Max Blumenthal describes how these gutless cowards like Clawson, start wars that the farm boys in Kentucky and elsewhere have to fight. It’s at about minute 17 onwards.

This guy (and lots of others, just like him) used to be on our side…. killing ISIS. Doubt we are on the same side now. Sure look like a really dumb move to me….

“Rambo” didnt go to Vietnam in reality. Sy Stallone became a coach in Switzerland for some reason. Likewise the Iraq war was started by chicken hawks like Chaney who is OK to get drunk and shoot friends on hunting trips, but not up to fight these fanatics who were born and bred in the wars he advocated and profited from.