Private Equity

Building and growing great companies around the world

Gazelda Private Equity pioneered the value-added investment approach. Our internationally coordinated groups draw on extensive domain-specific knowledge and collaborate with local management teams all over the world to hasten expansion.


The major purpose of Gazelda Private Equity is to be the growth partner of choice for excellent companies. Our team works with businesses to help them realize their full potential and continue to expand, and our track record includes numerous successful start-ups, founder-led businesses, turnarounds, and spin-offs from bigger corporate partners.

We assist businesses in enhancing their competitive position by expanding into new goods and markets, boosting productivity, and bolstering operations. In the end, we believe that our growth-oriented model results in stronger organizations that employ the most talented individuals, are socially responsible, and provide great long-term profits.

Different Strategies for Investing

Gazelda Private Equity runs its business as a single, worldwide company. In today's business world, where companies need to find and act on opportunities on a global scale more and more, the fact that we can use a fully integrated global team is a big advantage.

Gazelda Private Equity has a lot of experience and resources that can help management teams evaluate business opportunities and make the most of them. Our global industry vertical teams work together to research local and international companies and find investment opportunities where we have unique insights and the ability to drive transformational change. This has given us a lot of knowledge, experience, and strong networks. Since we started, we have made more than 1,000 primary and add-on investments in several core industry groups:





Financial & Business Services

Building and Growing Great Companies

Gazelda Private Equity was the first company to use a value-added approach to investing in private equity. We were one of the first private equity firms to set up a global portfolio group with professionals in operations and strategy who work with management teams. Together, our portfolio group and our investment professionals, most of whom have backgrounds in strategic consulting, make up a team that works together to help our portfolio companies make lasting changes and reach their full potential.

Industry Expertise

Gazelda Private Equity has made more than 1,000 primary and add-on investments in key industries. These investments have given our team more experience and knowledge, which has helped the companies in our portfolio. The team also uses the vast expertise of the wider Gazelda platform—across asset classes and industry segments—to analyze, value, and support our investments in a complex industry environment.


Gazelda has a lot of experience in the consumer, retail, and restaurant industries, and it has a strong track record of building leaders in their fields. Our team has put money into big stores, international franchises, small businesses with big growth potential, quick-service restaurants, food distribution, and consumer durables with high growth. Our team helps consumer, retail, and restaurant businesses create long-term value through market penetration, cross-channel marketing strategies, strategic repositioning, and synergistic mergers and acquisitions.

Financial & Business Services

One of the most active investors in the financial and business services sectors is Gazelda Private Equity. We have put money into the payment, software, banking/insurance/credit, brokerage/exchange, and business services/outsourcing sectors.


Gazelda Private Equity is convinced that changes in the industry are making investment opportunities for high-quality, low-cost healthcare companies that are well-run. Our teams have a lot of experience with a wide range of transaction types, such as corporate carve-outs, corporate partnerships, take-privates, majority and minority investments, and PIPEs. Our knowledge of the industry, institutional presence across the healthcare landscape, data-driven analysis, and private healthcare network allow us to bring the best-in-class value to hospitals, life sciences and pharmaceutical companies, medical product manufacturers, distributors, and service providers.


Gazelda has a lot of experience investing in some of the world's most successful industrial and manufacturing companies. Since 1986, our teams have put money into companies in the construction, manufacturing/hard goods, automotive, paper and packaging, chemicals, and diversified industrial technology industries.


Gazelda Private Equity has a lot of experience investing in businesses related to software, hardware, the internet, digital media, and information services. These are all areas where technology and media are changing quickly. We have put a lot of money into application software, infrastructure software, cybersecurity, semiconductor, and internet/media companies. We have a deep understanding of fundamental technology trends and a unique understanding of how customers and channels change and how new business models are created.

Our Portfolio

We have completed more than 940 primary and add-on investments since our founding, spanning a wide range of investment types, business life cycles, industries, and regions.

We seek to create value by collaborating closely with management teams and operating at a high level of creativity and depth.

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