Real American Cop.

It’s circa 2001, but some links improve with age, and this one is classic  Mike Ruppert. 

This is an excerpt from Rupperts presentation below that I found on utube.  This tells the big picture story.                 

The whole world looks to be  just another episode of “Hill Street Blues”. Interesting enough  Mike Ruppert has Israel and Mossad as only knowing about 911, and getting their people out in time, and  besides warning the USA government beforehand.  Whatever, it’s something for the Grand Jury to have a hard look at.  Have not seen this before yesterday, and you can see the parallels to my entries on this blog.  Minute 42 to about 50 give a terrifying insight what is keeping our wobbling economies afloat. 

Never mind  “CSI”, this would be a hit TV series for sure. 

So if you have kids, and want the best for them, be interested in what is really going on in the world.  Ensure every kid is educated on the nature of money and  how our banking system works today … before age 8…, and the nature of the exponential equation before age 14.  The cartoons provided by Paul Grignon is an excellent place to start.  Compulsory examinations in both subjects before they are allowed to leave school.   A little real history wouldn’t do them much harm either.  By the time they grow up there will be changes for sure. 

Which brings me to here on the Internet  to Catherine Austin Fitts. I have heard her interviews  a few times over the years. I thought she was OK, but actually I should have listened and studied her material even  more carefully.  She knows whats what.

“2nd Qtr Wrap Up: Theme: Productivity, Prosperity & the Popsicle Index”

Finally, a report that makes sense to humans.  It isn’t just our financial well being & pensions that are at stake, it’s everything we hold dear including our pensions. There are slight differences. 

Thank you to Gene Laratonda on FB who provided the original  link.

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