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Here is an email I sent recently to some person who needs awakening.


Dear Xxxxx,


It’s time you opened your eyes.

Our governments and our media collectively jumped off a cliff on 11th of September 2001. 

They decided to spin a narrative that defied Newtonian Physics.

Anyone with “A” level physics and above can prove this for themselves.

The ruse was so huge and encompassing, that many talented & capable scientists refused even to consider such a lie would be told.

This guy would be qualified far in excess of my BSc in Physics from the University of London (for example)

Peter Michael Ketcham

here is a backgrounder for you in case you are unfamiliar with the subject material.  Five minutes of your time.

The press lockdown and the nonsense surrounding COVID19 is of the same nature. Science is based on an open discussion of the evidence.

Religion is based on belief. There are many able and talented doctors and scientists who have disputed the narrative spread about the novel Corona Virus.

You need to listen to their story. When I see the word “debunked”  I know I am usually dealing with clueless idiots. I was an engineer in the semiconductor business for over 25 years and dealt with countless investigations and experiments  where real science had to be used. Typically jobs and millions of dollars were on the line when manufacturing lines went down. Usually, there were as many able and talented contributors on one side of a theory of “what is the problem?” as on the other side of a theory. Experimental facts would lead the way forward. This is very normal, and just the way science works. When I see everyone “aligned” on a new phenomenon I know I am typically dealing with a scam. The way the Corona outbreak appeared in the press had all my warning bells clanging.  There was no real inquiry, we were just being sold a narrative.  Have a serious think about the campaign on the recent Corona Virus in the light of this knowledge.

For example, we have a variant of the Corona Virus every year for the last 50 or so years at least. It’s never been a big deal till now. Has that been mentioned significantly in the media?

Professor Delores Cahill springs to mind. Many Physicists regard Chemists and Biologists as lesser beings working on inferior science, and in my youth I was no exception to that rule. However Prof Delores Cahill worked on ground breaking research at the Max Planck Institute, a prestigious centre of science to most Physicists.  Frankly I am jealous of her achievement’s, but her contribution to science beats my petty feelings on the matter any day of the week.  There are legions of other worthy researches who dispute the story spun in the media if you care to look.

So, what do you make of this news in the Lancet?


Here is my analysis of the Lancets contribution to this matter. A picture is better then a thousand words.

Here is a news article on it. For some reason, the regular press are not interested in this very significant development.


Once you have an open mind to a discussion on real science, the veil of confusion quickly disperses, and you see reality for what it is.

It is not comforting, but more people are alive today thanks to an old remedy … Hydroxychloroquine and a Zinc supplement.  Likewise, many people have died because of the need to spread a lie.

Please remove me from your subscribers list if you refuse to accepts facts for what they are.



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