So what about that Petro Dollar?

Annie Machon on speakers corner.


Wait for the “hit nail on the head moment” on this video.

so there it is.

Frankly I have forgiven the NSA for our loss of privacy.  Personally, I have gotten used to it, and very frankly indeed,  I mistrust them  less then all the other spooks world wide…. I certainly trust them several light years more then our lot, and I particularly don’t trust the UK government.  They are the pits at the current time.  If they manage to nail some major crooks using mass surveillance, then I send a donation cheque to the annual Christmas Ball Charity event.

But the Yuan and the USD and  Iran. There is where the economic “tectonic plates” meet and where problems are centred.

Lets face it though, the current world wide banking system is a super swamp within general swamp areas on the globe. Do I need to illustrate further? UK HSBC and RBS banks  are suitable lines of enquiry for swampiness.  The current fiat banking system with it’s exponentially increasing debt, needs chucking out and replacing with something far more reliable like a cryptocurrency maybe?  I dunno, I just live here.  If you think the current system is OK, sorry  we need to recognise the elephant in the Room. Look up the professor Barlett links  shown earlier. “The biggest weakness of the human race is it’s failure to understand the exponential function.”

But one hopes that the predominant conservative forces in the USA are looking at things with open eyes, maybe with an innovative penchant, rather then just have a war of the f**ked up USD versus the f**ked up Yuan.

Oddly enough,  Trump and company seem to already several steps ahead.  Really, when are we going to get some intelligent debate and some approval for the very good things these guys in the USA are doing?

From the Steve Pieczenik  site today.

We need to let the MSN, BBC, the UK Government  etc, know what they are doing is useless,  even  counterproductive.

Got more to say about the Channel Islands later.

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