The Hunger Games and….

Sandy Hook. Is there any connection?  This is what Steve Pieczenik wrote and said back in 2012.  He is a qualified Psychologist and former State Official with a considerable and proven resume. Check it out.  He has since completely changed his position on the Sandy Hook situation and I will leave the reader to find out for themselves what that is.  This is interesting enough as it is though …. and the part that is relevant to the Hunger Games kicks in at minute 15.

There is more to be learned from S.P. You don’t see a lot of this on TV or in the newspapers for some reason.

Today  Saudi Arabia seems to be figuring highly. The drops from “Q” have a lot of background information… I started hearing about that guy (those guys?)  back in the few weeks before the Las Vegas incident occurred in October 2017.  The Saudi information stretches back from a year ago till today.  

Oddly enough some “Hunger Games” type activity is mentioned about 11 minutes in. Strange. Really strange.

I finish with Steve Pieczenik’s interview on every ones favourite  Tee Vee station [just joking… it’s Alex Jones, hate him or like him, he is relevant just from audience numbers] back in July 2108

The “Storm” is over… it was over a year ago.  This was broadcast a few days before the USA election.   Let peace reign over us all.  God Bless.

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