tut tut. “Decision comes after Turkish president accuses billionaire philanthropist of trying to destroy nations”

Looks to me a lot of things are beginning to happen.


and Piezeniks in a good mood.  USA conservatives look to be  ascendent which also means chit is going to happen imho.  Here is his view on a wide range of Foreign policy subjects including Brexit and Theresa May.

and from the “Praying Medic” .


yep… I think there is going to be some incoming from these guys.

ITV and documentary on “Q”? Yeah lets have a look at that… cant find it. I did find this article in the Guardian Newspaper from February this year… this will do.


There are some obvious problems here. Very obvious. Anyone with some knowledge of high school physics will know that something is dreadfully wrong with the official 911 explanation. It’s called building 7.  It has never been examined properly, or even superficially. If you are investigating the biggest crime that ever happened on USA soil, you don’t just dump the evidence either.  Where was the forensic crime team the American TV shows are famous for?  Oh … bad luck… they were on assignment on a training exercise elsewhere. I have a bridge to sell to Guardian readers if people actually believe that was all “above board”.

Does everyone really believe that all the information posted on the Q anon boards is just from some internet “conspiracy whackos”  who don’t know what they are doing?  What about the NSA recording everyone’s emails and phone calls. Do you believe that? What about the Vegas prediction I talked about earlier??

I am not suggesting that the NSA and “Q anon” have anything to do with one and another BUT they do co exist and that should tell you something.

Here is some NSA PR stuff that was posted.  It’s wtfu time for a lot of folks.. not just HC and company.

There was some kind of fracas with UK and Australian intelligence agencies hinted at earlier on too, and the out come of that seems to be still in process.  The USA guys are smiling and that is not a good sign for the opposition.

Rather then talk poppycock about “conspiracy theorists” the Guardian should have been using it’s investigative abilities (they have lots of talent) into separating fact from fiction in the events described in an even handed way. That didn’t happen… and why is that btw?

“Conspiracy Realists” is a much better term, and that hard learning lesson is coming soon in the suit of spades  imho.


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