Watch this Movie trailer.

A very famous woman writer

chips in after a minute or two from 905 seconds.

Just one of those odd things I guess. Lots of controversial facts are not allowed to be discussed about the incident either. But never mind, one world government should sort it.

and in other news… Boris has found there is a magic money tree after all. He just has to give it a shake. Homeless crisis to be fixed within 48 hours.

more surprises on the way.

Second 4684 watch it for a few minutes…

It’s just matter of looking really. Although for some weird reason, a lot of the SH material has been removed from the internet. Remember to watch the above video until it get to the interlude. “Deloris Floris” has an important informational update if you want to be a one world leader.

This came up as a 2014 FB memory for me. Ah!!! those old days & memories !

No photo description available.

and this report came out yesterday. It’s been awhile.

AND for some reason all the normal news and tee vee stations have decided not to publish this important result. This is why nothing is going to get fixed. Everyone chooses to believe the lies from the media and the press, and then act as zombies while all their rights and freedoms are flushed down the toilet. As my previous quote stands… by Benjamin Franklin, we don’t get the luxury of rights and freedoms unless we are ready to defend them. Just one of those things… It was true a long time ago, and still true today.

Just saying.

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