20200908 What do with Silver?

If it goes up we sell some.

If it goes down we buy some.

It’s not that hard once you now how.

All this in a background activity of preparing to steadily buy more.

Smooth out the blips in the graph that is going to go upwards over time.

Something happens when we get to the end of the triangle, upwards or downwards.

A sudden move is predicted in the chart. My guess is downwards as the stock market revises downwards as more specially prepared bad news is foisted upon us. The elites want the $$ dollars $$ , ££ pounds ££, and Euros to remain strong as possible to increase or maintain their stranglehold on humanity.

If they blink in the face of destiny, and capitulate their evil aims, the phoney economy will give out even more “free money” and guess where that takes us?

There is 1.4 grams of silver in a 1903 British 3d piece. Back in the day that would buy two pints of beer and a loaf of bread. Where does that value silver today? There will be likely be an over valuation, maybe by 100% or more, when the chit hits the fan and the monitory value of the UK pound and USA dollar goes to zero, as that where it will eventually go.


From Jesse’s website.


Not that history tells us anything… duh.

this graph is available at lots of sitts, this is the one googles up in this case. http://go.noblegoldinvestments.com/blog/blogsgold-gold-language-html

Or get some Yuan or something. It is (at least) time to wakee the F U !!! China has grown immeasurably in the last two decades. One has to respect that, and they also buy gold.


All modern currencies will look like this… it’s not just the dollar.

also please look as this note I added to the chart. If the stock market crashes, historical evidence shows the currencies appreciate when every one goes bust, but they still have to pay their bills. The most likely scenario as the Elites who control such matters hang on and enhance their wealth.

Making money during a big downturn is not impossible as the story of Jesse Livermore tells us. However, just trying to live on “trades” is almost impossible as his tragic death illustrates. Slowly accumulating wealth from the proceeds of honest work is possible, but no, we can’t just trust the government. The government needs our guidance.

An interesting story.

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